The company’s potential was recognized by business entrepreneur, Ivan Madrigal, who purchased Builder’s Choice in 2014. Madrigal pinpointed a gap in residential construction and cabinetry services early on:  the industry was riddled with project delays resulting from defunct processes and mis-orders by contractors. In the first months of ownership, Madrigal envisioned creating a positive customer experience through a vastly improved cabinetry service that would deliver on-time without impeding the progress of a build.

In 2015, Madrigal hired Linda Stewart, an established residential development expert, to help lay a strong foundation for Builder’s Choice. Together, with a talented team of employees, they reinvented the standards of cabinetry services – and  the residential construction industry as a whole – through a focus on service accountability, processes, and technology. Today, Builder’s Choice is the first name customers can count on for professional cabinet installations that are on schedule and on budget.